Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm totally high about some of photos that i found on blogs. I LOVE VINTAGE.


pants- Vero Moda, i love military style, some of my clothes look really great with militar theme, sorry for the poor quality, but those photos are from camera in laptop.
jeans vest- second hand, when i found her, she was to the ground, but I cut her and pinned studs
t-shirt- h&m , my sister painted a cross, and it look really nice :)

                                                band Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

sometimes, when I look on those every so cool blogs, and so cool outfits and photos, i think oh my gosh, my blog is so crap. :( . But, i'm trying to this blog. That's why, please- follow me, i will be really grateful, and i will follow you! :)
And those are cool vintage-hipster-hippie photos that I really like.

AND Tavi Gevinson's blog, which i love!
I'm totally high about her, and her blog. Her hair! Clothes! See:

She is like from Grease ( which i love too ) or something!


Luna :*


  1. Oh i feel the same when i look at other so cool blogs. But i actually think yours is great, and i love your shirt! :)

  2. You have such a cute blog! All these photos are so inspiring!


  3. I love these! Such pretty photos. :) Also, Tavi Gevinson...yeah.

  4. I love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And Tavi Gevinson is amazing. Your blog is so cute!

  5. Love those pants, where are they from? I'm really into military style at the moment, I think khaki looks gorgeous with blonde hair too. I've also just started a blog - candyfloss curls but the web address is :)

    1. They're from Vero Moda, I saw a lot of pants like them in Zara and Bershka :))