Friday, February 8, 2013


hey! I was gone a long time, but in Poland we had a winter break at school, so I didn't have much time. Now, I was in Berlin for 3 weeks, I have here family. I love this city, I love buildings, people, shops here. I particularly like the subway ride: D, in Poland there is only ONE line, in Warsaw, where I don't live ...Most of the time I spend in stores, here is a lot of shops, I love this! I make some photos, sooo enjoy :))

best 10 vintage shops in Berlin

Of course I bought a lot of clothes ( <3 <3 ). In Poland is much less shops, there is no American Apparel or Urban Outfitters and others, so when I am in Berlin I'm doing a big shopping, and I really really love it!
I think that Berlin is very inspiring city, there is a lot of awesome places, restaurants or small vintage shops, I have also here cool friends, so if you live in Berlin we can meet :) .
Today I bought a new camera and I really love it !
AND FINALLY I BOUGHT ROKKIE YEARBOOK ! This book is very inspiring, I love all those photos and articles. There are a lot of important stuff, I love Tavi !

soon I'll add outfits


  1. I´ve always wanted to go to Berlin....I know I´ll go some day! so jealous! XD Hope you had a great time!

    We like your blog. would you like to follow each other?? Let us know!

  2. OMG Berlin is like, the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD <3 I lived there for two years, and I miss it SO MUCH! If I still lived there, I would love to meet you! maybe this summer?

    Where in Poland do you live? I've only been to Poznan, and it was really pretty!


    P.S. my best friend lives in Berlin, she likes rookie and stuff but doesn't have blogspot, her tumblr is though if you want to message her and maybe meet or something...

    1. wow! yeah, we have to meet! THIS summer! I can't wait ! I'm from Bialystok :) .

  3. I love these photos, Berlin is a beautiful city indeed :) and yay the Rookie Yearbook, I have it too, it's amazing! I really love your blog, I can't believe I've only just found it! Definitely following you now :)

  4. I REALLY want to go to Berlin, it looks amazing. What season would you say is best to go? My sister got the Rookie Year book too, I had a sneak peak, it looked great! I hope you enjoy it!

    Em x

  5. sumeer! summer is the best :D
    thanks ;)

    xxx Luna