Saturday, February 23, 2013

outfits & music

Finally I have time to write a post . I prepared some styling, I hope that you will like it, recently I'm wearing often skirts, I like it. Today I done a lot of photos by my Diana+, but about this in another post, on Wednesday I'm going on a trip with school so I will make photos again- I love it!

Well, this is first outfit( skirt- American Apparel, this creamy something< I don't know this word in in English> - h&m:

second ( dress- h&m, collar- New Look, shoes- h&m): 

third ( skirt- American Apparel, shirt- Week Day, bag- Vero Moda ):

 fourth ( skirt- seamstress, shirt- Berhka, top- h&m):

fifth ( pants- Top Shop, body- my mom's ):

Some really great songs that I really love :D

Lana Del Rey has got a lot of not famous great songs, like this :

I love this song, this is just magic :)

and David Bowie of course <3

Love Luna


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  2. Great post! I really like the leo-shirt :D

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