Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I very like fashion. I think that clothes are very interesting, combining of clothes and accessories is very cool, but the best thing is this that through the clothes you can express your soul, like with music, when you're rebellious you are listening to rock music, and wearing a black blouse with dark make up, when you are happy you are wearing clothes in all colors of rainbow ( for example ). This is awesome!
I don't have definite style yet. I like vintage, militar , hippie style , something like this :

I'm trying to dress like those girls, but I don't wanna be the same, becouse ( i told it earlier) through my hair, make up, clothes, that what I am listening i want to express my soul, personality.
My favourite shops of clothes are Top Shop and American Appereal. I like different shops too, but about this in another post. My favourite blog about fashion is Tevi Gevinson's blog. Her style is perfect, but my favourite personality of fashion is Anna Dello Russo. They are the best, and I really admire them.

PS. soon I'll put some of my photos


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