Saturday, February 23, 2013

outfits & music

Finally I have time to write a post . I prepared some styling, I hope that you will like it, recently I'm wearing often skirts, I like it. Today I done a lot of photos by my Diana+, but about this in another post, on Wednesday I'm going on a trip with school so I will make photos again- I love it!

Well, this is first outfit( skirt- American Apparel, this creamy something< I don't know this word in in English> - h&m:

second ( dress- h&m, collar- New Look, shoes- h&m): 

third ( skirt- American Apparel, shirt- Week Day, bag- Vero Moda ):

 fourth ( skirt- seamstress, shirt- Berhka, top- h&m):

fifth ( pants- Top Shop, body- my mom's ):

Some really great songs that I really love :D

Lana Del Rey has got a lot of not famous great songs, like this :

I love this song, this is just magic :)

and David Bowie of course <3

Love Luna

Friday, February 8, 2013


hey! I was gone a long time, but in Poland we had a winter break at school, so I didn't have much time. Now, I was in Berlin for 3 weeks, I have here family. I love this city, I love buildings, people, shops here. I particularly like the subway ride: D, in Poland there is only ONE line, in Warsaw, where I don't live ...Most of the time I spend in stores, here is a lot of shops, I love this! I make some photos, sooo enjoy :))

best 10 vintage shops in Berlin

Of course I bought a lot of clothes ( <3 <3 ). In Poland is much less shops, there is no American Apparel or Urban Outfitters and others, so when I am in Berlin I'm doing a big shopping, and I really really love it!
I think that Berlin is very inspiring city, there is a lot of awesome places, restaurants or small vintage shops, I have also here cool friends, so if you live in Berlin we can meet :) .
Today I bought a new camera and I really love it !
AND FINALLY I BOUGHT ROKKIE YEARBOOK ! This book is very inspiring, I love all those photos and articles. There are a lot of important stuff, I love Tavi !

soon I'll add outfits

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beauty is everywhere

I love to watching something that isn't normal, I love art. The images are amazing.
 I admire all the artists for their talent and imagination, I'd love to be able to paint nicely, but unfortunately I'm not able to :/., I haven't a talent of painting, but... i can watch. I think that everything that isn't normal and is born in our heads is an art. Surely, you can paint a picture of flowers or a building, but it's not the same thing, and besides, the art of imagination is much more interesting.So, the same is with photography, music, sculpture or fashion. My favourite artists are Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Hori Kosai, David Bowie, Grimes, Tavi Gevinson and Robert Rauschenberg. I think they have these qualities - great imagination. Besides, I also love vintage and pop art. 

                                                                            Andy Warhol

                                                                    Hori Kosai

                                                              Robert Rauschenberg
                                                                           Van Gogh

David Bowie

I love those styles. In vintage I love this, that things from old ages are stylized and mixed with another. In Pop Art I love colors!

In art I love this, that I can interpret it how I want. Color image doesn't have to be joyfull, gray isn't have to mean sad. If I want a dog on a horse can mean courage. For me.