Monday, January 14, 2013

day flew by

I did a list of my favourite,the necessary things/accessories. At the first place is my eyes pencil of course, I look really better with black line on my eyes :)
Second: glasses, they're very cool, i found them in my aunt's house haha, they are old, i like it :)
(like Lana haha)
Third: violet eyeshadow, i love it ! brocade ah!
 Fourth: lipstick, dark red, I LOVE IT !

Fifth: bag with flag of USA, I love it too :D
Sixth: Diary <3

seventh: my cat ahahhahahahahahah :D just kiddning

Today I wasn't in school so I could make two posts. Throughout the morning, I was lying with a laptop in bed, listening to music, cooked a dinner and the day flew by :)
Nothing special. And some ' inspiring ' images :



  1. I love your diary!

  2. 7 cats? That out does me, I have 5...! Cat ladies together? Love that protest poster too, Dumbledore would never let anything bad happen. Ever.

    Em x