Friday, September 21, 2012

Hearts & Bows

I discovered a new store, but rather a brand Hearts & Bows, amazing clothes, hits this season. Affordable prices, from 20 to 30 €. Sweaters with studs, leather skirts and trousers,shorts with a higher status, shirts under the neck, theme galaxy... everything looks great. Shop operates mainly online at and . Much higher offer is available, but asus is available all over the world, ark just in England.

of course, 'this' fashion has been promoted mainly in inerncie, on facebook, or just a fashion blog. we have nothing against, because, of course, some outfits are really great, if we go to a fashion show famous designer certainly wouldn't have been there shirt with studs on collar, because these are new ideas, their style. so remember that when you choosing clothes don't forget about your own style and don't buy clothes just imposed on us by the manufacturers :))     

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  1. Druga od konca sukienka jest genialna!!! :D
    Fajny blog!! :)